About KG

"We as hair dressers have a responsibility to be the change we want to see."


~Keratin Girl by Michelle Perez ~





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#Spouse & Caregiver #TheBigC

Keratin Girl was formed in Coconut Grove Florida 2012.

Acknowledging the need for a more confidential, private & personal service, MS started offering hair, skin & nail assistance to women traveling into south Florida on holiday & women who reside locally but are unable to come to a salon due to invasive therapy- such as chemotherapy & radiation.

Now Keratin Girl can be found in multiple states along the east coast offering Keratin Smoothing, KG extension consultations/applications & free hair cut & removal services

(for women battling the Big-C)  at the clients preferred location. 

" Being a partner/caregiver to one battling the~ Big C~

One of the most difficult parts of treatment is the effect on appearance & self esteem.

It is our purpose to help assist as a hair skin & nails professional

in whatever ways we are capable."


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#word search  #keratin to read reviews in the locations we are at:

Miami FL, Delray Beach FL, Manhattan NY, Pittsburgh Pa, Columbus OH.

If you are unable to come into a salon & you are experiencing hair loss due to invasive therapy such as chemo/radiation, we offer a personal

& convenient service that will come to you and give a professional hair cut or head shave at no cost."

We must be currently servicing your location. Subject to availability.